A Brief Biography of Vajra Master Ngawang

(the resident master of the centre)

        Vajra Master Ngawang was born in 1966, at Dzongkha, a small village in the northern Tibet, near the birthplace of the Great Yogi Milarepa. His parents Chime and Sangchok have extreme faith in Buddha, Dharma and Shanga, so, they sent him to a monastery and become a monk at his age of 7. That was the time of Civil Revolution in China, Vajra Master Ngawang found that it was very difficult to practice Dharma and rituals, to attain his aim of Boddhi input, he moved to Nepal. At his age of 15, he entered Thrangu Monastery, Namo Buddha and received his Dharma Teaching as well as the practice training.

        There, he learned the liturgies and rituals along with other aspects of performing pujas and practicing. He studied Sutras, Tantras, and traditional sciences with Khenpo Ngedon, with his efforts; he made it a successful completion. He received the Great Empowerment of Kalachakra, the Bodhisattva vow, and teachings on Entering the Action of a Bodhisattva (the Bodhicaryavatara) from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Likewise, from the Lord of Refuge Kalu Rinpoche, he received the empowerment and transmission of the Treasury of the Discoveries of the Awareness-Holders (Rigdzin Terdzö) along with 40 Tulkus, Lamas and a sangha of 500 monks. He received empowerments, transmissions, and instructions from several important Lamas of the Sakya, Geluk, and Nyingmapa schools.

        After that, Vajra Master Ngawang completed the traditional three-year, three-month, three-day retreat of the Karma Kamtsang (Kagyu) lineage at Namo Buddha, Nepal, one of the most holy places where once our Teacher the Lord Buddha in previous lives offered his body to a starving tigress, in case to save the cubs. During the retreat he learned the practices of Mahamudra, instructions, ?amatha and vipa?yan? from Retreat Master Sonam Rinchen. He studied Tantra and practiced the common and uncommon preliminaries thoroughly. He received the teaching of Six Yogas of Naropa and the empowerments, transmissions and instructions from his root guru, the Precious Lord of Refuge Thrangu Rinpoche.

        When the retreat ended, he remained in the monastery as a Vajra Master, disciplinarian, a counselor to the monastic Sangha. In order to propagate the genuine Buddhist Dharma to various countries, in accordance with the wish of the Lord of Refuge Thrangu Rinpoche, he starts his propaganda in Dharma by giving teaching to the student oversea. He gives instructions to Dharma groups and students on kindness and compassion, the refuge vow, empowerments and transmissions. He continues to give spiritual training, discourses how to realize in everyday life the quintessence of Vajrayana Buddhism.

        Vajra Master Ngawang wishes to accumulate all his merits and dedicate them to salvage all sentient beings from misery by giving them the Joy of Dharma. He performs life-stocks release ceremonies, visits elderly home with gifts and fruits to those seniors. He blesses those suffering difficulties and having obstacles, releases them from sorrow and helps them overcome their pains by rituals services. He inspires people around him with his great compassion and encourages them to practice Bodhicitta, the only way to be awakened.

        Vajra Master Ngawang is now the Resident Vajra Master of Namo Buddha Buddhist Society in Malaysia, Sarawak where he brings love and joy to the community.