Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters, Tashi Delek

We welcome you to join us to celebrate Wesak Day with
Vajra Master Ngawang & an assistant Monk Rangjung

Venue : Namo Buddha Buddhist Society
Date & Time : wednesday, 1oth May, 2017 @ 9:00 am

The Story of our Teacher, the Lord Buddha’s Birth

The Lord Buddha first aroused the mind of perfect enlightenment, purified the two obscuration's over many uncountable aeons, completed the two accumulations, and became Holy White Tip in the Joyous Heaven. He realized that the time had come to tame beings: it was a time of strife when humans in the Rose-Apple Land had a lifespan of 100 years. He appointed Maitreya as his regent in the Joyous Heaven and entered the womb of the daughter of King Suprabuddhi in this Rose-Apple Land. At the end of ten months when the moon of the last spring month of Vaisakha was waxing, Mahamaya thought that she should wait in the parks of Koliya, and asked the King, who granted permission. She made plans to go to the grove of Lumbini, and seated on a palanquin with the four precious jewels, surrounded by many maidservants accompanied by the four divisions of King Shuddhodana’s army, they set out from Kapilavastu and arrived in Lumbini. The queen looked in all directions and saw a Nyangentsang tree that was covered in flowers. She grasped its branch with her right hand and prepared to give birth. Indra emanated in the form of an old mid-wife and waited before her. Then the Bodhisattva, without hurting his mother, sprung out of her right side--like a person opens a door, exit, and close the door behind him. After he was born, there was not even the slightest trace of a scar visible on her body.

Immediately after that, he took seven steps in each of the four directions and said, "This is the east: first I will go to Nirvana. This is the south: I will become the object of veneration by all wanderers. This is the west: this is the last of my births. This is the north: I will cross the ocean of existence."
At that time, Brahma, Shakra, Lokapala and many other children of the gods washed his body and tossed flowers, and the children of the gods held white conches, banners and fly whisks above him. The sound of music also resounded.

Then King Shuddhodana said, “Since the birth of this son of mine accomplishes all purposes, I have given this child the name Siddhartha (Accomplishes all purposes).” He was known in that way.

In the places where the child Siddhartha took seven steps in each of the four directions, lotus flowers grew. In connection with this, King Shuddhodana and the others built a stupa with a mound of lotus flowers in round shape that is said to have either four, seven or eight levels.

The Reasons to Bathe the Buddha's Statue on Wesak Day

When we bathe the Buddha’s body, of course, our Teacher, the Lord Buddha's body does not have any stain of nu-cleanliness or filth, however, by the act of bathing the Buddha’s body, our own misdeeds and obscuration's of body, speech and mind will be purified. That is the reason why we bathe the Teacher's body. If we use the water that bathed the Buddha to wash our own bodies, we can, ourselves, receive the blessings of the Buddha. During the Wesak day, if you perform even a tiny positive virtue, you will have inconceivable benefits, and, likewise, any tiny non-virtuous misdeed could also become a great negative karma. It is very important that everyone should perform as much virtue as possible and avoid non-virtue as much as possible during Wesak day period of 15 days..

Release Of life-- Its Significance and its Merits

The release of life is to set beings free, for who are about to die or to be killed. The practitioners who often perform this activity will have their life-span prolonged, wisdom and compassion increased, and will never encounter accidental and untimely death. Amongst the various long life practices, the release of life is the most effective and supreme one. It is said -"OF ALL THE VIRTUOUS DEEDS, THE RELEASE OF LIVES ACCUMULATE MOST MERITS." The act of killing lives generates the most negative karma; therefore, the act of releasing lives, on the other hand, accumulates immeasurable positive merits. During the ritual of releasing lives, the motivation and aspiration of the practitioners to save lives and set free of beings manifest the ultimate level of compassion, and their prayers ensure that these beings will in the future attain Buddhahood.

The Lamp Light Offering

During the time of the Buddha in Shravasti, there was a beggar woman named Nyenga who had nothing to offer to the Buddha. She went door to door begging for oil to make a butter lamp. Finally, she was able to offer a single lamp in the temple among hundreds of other lamps. She, then, made the heartfelt aspiration: “By this light offering, may I achieve the same wisdom as Buddha Shakyamuni, the arhats and all enlightened beings, completely dispelling the darkness of ignorance of all sentient beings.” Then she left the temple. Throughout that day, the hundreds of light offerings gradually burned out. Among all of them, hers was the only lamp still glowing towards the end of the night. At this time, Buddha entered the temple, he said: "don't try to put out his lamp light because there is no way you can do it. Even by using the water from the four oceans, and the stormy wind, you will not be able to put out this lamp light. This lamp was offered by an old beggar woman who dedicated this lamp for the enlightenment of all sentient beings, so her Bohicitta aspiration can not be interrupted. "The Buddha then make a prophecy that this beggar woman will be enlightened in the future and became a Buddha named The Lamp Light. From the story we learned that the inconceivable merit will be generated by offering lamp light and the wish will be fulfilled when we wholeheartedly pray to Buddha with pure motivation.

With Prayers, We Offer to the Buddha, Pacify all Illness, Wars, Famine and Sufferings. Long lives the Dharma, May all be Auspiciousness May the Unlimited Sky of Sentient Beings Accumulate Two Accomplishments Dedicate the Ocean of Merits to All, May all Attain Buddhahood.

Wesak Month Aspiration to be a one-month Vegetarian Activity
With Namo Buddha Buddhist Society

Wesak month is a joyful and auspicious month. In this special month, if we are aspired by releasing lives, and became a Vegetarian who protects lives, it will make Wesak month even more meaningful.

His Holiness 17th Karmapa have advocated Vegetarianism in Kagyu Monlam to request monks, annis, and lay practitioners to become Vegetarians, especially for the sake of prolonging the lives of our lineage and Root Gurus. The most supreme way to help prolong the lives of our linage and Root Gurus is to release lives. And amongst all the formalities of life releasing, to be a long term Vegetarian who avoid eating livestock is the most supreme way to do it.

To accordance with His Holiness Karmapa's advocate of Vegetarianism, Namo Buddha Buddhist Society hopes that all the Buddhists can follow through his Holiness's wish and became a Vegetarian, especially in the Wesak month. To encourage all Buddhists to avoid eating meat in this auspicious month, the Society designed a tracking sheet for whom wish to take part in eating Vegetarian meals for this month. Please fill in the personal information and use the tracking sheet to keep track your meals, and then return it to the Society. The Society will award the participants who complete this one-month activity, the Wesak month, Vegetarian program with special gifts.

Welcome to Happy Wesak Day Tashi Delek 南無阿彌陀佛
Wesak Day Celebration Schedule 衛塞節慶祝活動表

 Date 日期  Time 時間  Puja 法會
10th May 2017 (Fri)

09:00am -

Light Offering 供燈

8 Auspicious & Dedication Prayers 八聖吉祥祈请文

Sung Puja 煙供法會(加持個人事業進步和生意興隆)

Food offerings to the Triple Gem 供養三寶

Bathing the Buddha Ceremony浴佛

Blessing to individual participants上師加持

Vegetarian Lunch素菜午餐

Release of Lives 放生

Offering food to Seniors 老人院布施食物

For further enquiries and information please contact; 欲知更多詳情, 請聯絡以下人士:
1. President, ABK Liew Kwan Hua 0198876301 4. Treasurer, Mdm Leong C.L 0128885527
2. V. President Mr. Ling Hang Hing 0172223422 5. Ms. Chong PJ 01220933248
3. Secretary, Mr. Wong Ping Sik 0128809223 6. NBBCTel/Fax: 084-220 080  

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